SIZE: Classic Telephone, Inc. has over 1,200 customers depending on us for 24-hour support. We are a vital, growing, aggressive company that you can depend upon when you have a problem. When you need repair or system changes, you can count on Classic Telephone, Inc. to provide low cost quick response. We are big enough to support you, but small enough to care. Your Business is important to us!

SYSTEM SELECTION: Being authorized representatives for such quality manufacturers as Comdial, Telrad, and NEC, we have the right amount of selection to make informed solutions to meet your needs. Since no one manufacturer can make a communications system ideal for everyone, having several choices makes a lot of sense.

THE CLASSIC DIFFERENCE: Classic Telephone has a series of guarantees including a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, Maintenance Guarantee, Price Protection Guarantee and an Obsolesce Guarantee.

• The Customer Satisfaction Guarantee states that if you are dissatisfied with our product for any cause during the first 60 days, we will refund your investment less the cost of any non-recoverable items such as cable and jacks etc.
• Our Maintenance Guarantee is that we (Classic Telephone) will respond in an emergency situation within 4 hours or less or we will pay you $ 500.00!
• The Price Protection Guarantee provides your company the security of knowing that Classic Telephone Inc. will maintain pricing on new component parts for the life of your Classic Telephone provided telephone system.
• Our Obsolesce Guarantee states that if you elect to trade in your system that was purchased from and maintained by Classic Telephone Inc. for any new Classic Telephone system, we will guarantee your trade-in price.

TARGET MARKET: Classic Telephone, Inc. has targeted the 4 to 200-telephone market as their primary thrust. While we do sell to smaller and larger companies outside of our target, our goal is to be the best within that framework. Many of our competitors continue to try to be all things to all customers. Recent trends within our market show that Classic Telephone, Inc. is "right on target" with tremendous growth during a time of market down sizing. Join the ever-growing list of satisfied Classic Telephone, Inc. customers!


  • Digital and VoIP Telephone Systems
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Voice / Data Structured Cabling
  • Internal & External Paging
  • Video Conferencing
  • Local and Long Distance Services
  • DSL & Dedicated Internet Access
  • Voice & Data Integrated Access
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • LAN / WAN Configuration and Maintenance
  • VPN / Security / Firewall
  • Configuration and Maintenance
  • IP Based Video Surveillance
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance Windows and Linux
  • Spyware / Adware / Virus Removal and Detection