We all know that business owners and managers dislike (to be kind) dealing with the telephone company. We help you provision your choice of telephone carrier network services with a variety of our partners. We help make this part of managing your business easier than ever before.

Classic Telephone provides full service telecom solutions for clients who are looking to obtain greater cost efficiencies and improved performance for all of their telecommunications needs. We work with 8 nationwide Telecom Carriers serving the Michigan Market. These include Paetec, TDS Metrocom, First Communications, BullsEye Telecom, US Signal, TelNet, and One Communications.

Classic Telephone consultants will identify strategies to best leverage today's telecom technology and services for improved business productivity, staff workload, and overall ease of communication for your customers.

Performance Optimization - get the most value from the services you use
Expense Management - improve cost control and expense allocation
Network Integration - to ensure efficient use of resources
Contract Negotiation - leverage our collective experience

Classic Telephone's Carriers: