Using VoIP equipment and communications virtually eliminates the cost of telephone calls between multiple locations and works by means of Internet access which may already exist in your corporate network infrastructure – T1, MPLS, Fiber point to points. Home office and mobile users can operate on a lesser grade of Internet with SDSL services or some cable modems. An office in Grand Rapids may speak for free to an international office in Asia and a domestic office in Boston for free. There is no charge for local, long distance or international conversations. Offices only need to be equipped with compatible VoIP enabled PBX’s. VoIP also works over secure VPN tunnels, providing a very high level of electronic security.

As IP Telephony services are becoming dominate in the marketplace, Classic Telephone offers VoIP solutions that are only fractionally (20%) more expensive than a conventional common PBX. The quality of sound with an enterprise level solution is just as good sound as a conventional digital PBX. Integrating these types of VoIP solutions helps customers to save on the reoccurring fees from the telephone company.

 Utilizing industry best-practices, Classic Telephone provides proven results including:

• Reduced administration expenses by simplifying the telephone infrastructure
• Reduced costs and lower total cost of ownership by reducing costly telephony expenses
• Offers customers ease of doing business with a simple transfer option from location to location
• Improved features and capabilities that are consistently be updated and added to your network  

 VoIP is not the best option for every business. Classic Telephone will learn about your business and offer you consultation on a variety of options. In West Michigan a partial PRI is predominately the leading solution for business requirements. Ask us why?